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dismissing reports that his father has fled the country one arrest is also raging throughout the region with protests in yemen bahrain and the lock oh maybe expert adrian sound here today says that global dominance groups are behind the turmoil. they might be getting rid of of thirty forty or fifty euro regime but many of these countries certainly in egypt certainly in libya certainly in tunisia and back karim that might be getting themselves into just as bad or even worse trouble if they don't really understand the social proof this is going on and the powerful interests that may be driving them from outside of the middle east because i think this ties into a more global pattern where we have to understand the major geopolitical long term planning emanating from such organizations as the council of foreign relations the trilateral commission and the bluebird group who have for decades been fighting the arab world and have been fighting the sovereign nation state as an institution on
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a global basis so in a way if they can get rid of these strong mad men whether it be hosni mubarak in egypt or colonel gadhafi in libya and try to transition has always seen before to a more liberal chaotic and more controllable western style democracy that we just sort of been privileged to serve with we have to be very careful about the various readings that we make of this is very important that both the pro protesters on one side and the government on the you know. in egypt whether it be in libya whether it be in a back rain or in tunisia should understand how powerful social forces they are up against the psychological warfare tactics are being used and they should not allow themselves either side to be used by interested objectives which are completely outside the interest of libya because all the egyptians or we are tunisians or the iraqis or just about any country that is having such turmoil in the middle east the
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president. two iranian warships are to pass through suez canal on tuesday it will be the first time iranian naval vessels have salvos water since the country's one nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution the vessels have been due to enter the canal on monday but their passage has been over eight ships are heading to syria for a training mission israel and being you have expressed strong concern over the move saying it as it's already high tensions in the region are following developments in tel aviv. there's many prime minister benjamin netanyahu says that he views with most gravity the posturing of these two iranian warships through the suez canal to the mediterranean sea he says that it's really an attempt by tehran to take advantage of the current situation to exploited and to extend its regional influence we also heard from the israeli foreign minister of a dollar lieberman and he says that this is nothing short of provocation israel and iran have not had diplomatic relations for the past thirty years and israel is
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concerned that iran is sending weapons to its neighbors that will ultimately be used against the jewish state is really soon relations are strained is convinced an israeli official saying as much over the past few years that iran is supplying weapons to syria that ultimately landed in the hands of his in lebanon now the united states is adding fuel to the whole situation the u.s. state department recently set up a twitter account and it is using their twitter account to post tweets in flossy that supports anti government demonstrators out on the streets of tehran and we haven't seen the u.s. state department do anything like that supporting or even expressing any kind of opinion on the same kind of demonstrations that are happening in yemen since nine hundred seventy nine since the rainy revolution there have been no iranian warships that have actually passed through the suez canal this is the first major diplomatic headache for the egyptian interim government for the. council as you well know the
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president mubarak had a close relationship with the united states he was an ally of the u.s. and at the same time relations between him and the rand was strained for the past thirty years it is not clear exactly why they gave permission we haven't had any insight on that but what we have been told reported is that it took in officials have checked the cargo they are confident that there was nothing suspicious on board and as a result they have allowed this gate on the supply ship to go through. coming up later today and our debate cross-talk peter the valen his gas discuss what countries in the middle east when so much money on the military and how the u.s. justifies its business in the region. saudi and the g.c.c. states to me partner somewhat comparable to what singapore us which will lead their small populations they want people to know they have weapons system basically want to be left alone saudi arabia does have some incursions into yemen and he's using
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it surely kit purchased from the u.s. and other states so i don't want to about that but not a missile or one could of course discuss the problem but to say that they're not using it at all i think it would be a question in the. last few years jewish communities demanding compensation from the government for property stolen by the nazis during the second world war but the claims have divided public opinion with many saying the country itself cannot be held responsible parties peter all of our reports from the baltic states. thousands of law being jews were robbed at the competition money and in many cases their lives by not retreat one of the major issues is how much on the side of nazi germany of today so really. unfortunately many believe the lothian waffen s.s.
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who fought against the bolsheviks were liberators but they in fact were bandits and robbers they have seen documents listing real estate that belong to jews killed in ghettos i think that property should be returned to the amount of reparations claimed by latvian jews around sixty five million dollars the country's government says that they will continue to hold talks with religious leaders in order to come up with a solution however those in power draw their support from nationalist groups who are far less diplomatic when it comes to the issue. lottery and administration is not responsible for denmark you're going to do this in the holocaust began before our country was under our education by definitional lightly and i thought were dish cannot be responsible for actions of occupants local jewish leaders say that they only want what was stolen to be returned however they realize that this may be difficult with current attitudes in latvia. they wish as we need to drop as if to solve our social problems and we develop an education culture because that's who is
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meant to know synagogues and cemeteries and of course it's hard to find ours when you need to take back certain property but i hope people will understand and justice will be done a short distance from the capital is the forest where thousands of jews were executed it serves as a poignant memorial to those who lost their lives but in central riga there are equally chilling monuments to the holocaust like this synagogue which was burned to the ground with worshippers still inside over sixty five years after the end of the second world war the burnt out shell of this synagogue serves as a reminder to the tensions that still bubble between the local jewish community and those latvians that consider the s.s. troops to have been heroes while the government continues to draw most of its support from nationalist organizations a resolution for this conflict seems a long way off peter all of our riga latvia. well still to come here on the
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program miscalculating and misfiring nato is being blamed for dozens of civilian deaths in afghanistan over the past three days we've got analysis on who might profit from the alliance's mistakes. they say that dog is a man's best friend but of course if you apply a guide dog is saved it's more than just me and said we have the story of a man who one day had to take care of his pet just as she had been taking care of him. the dire economic situation in the u.s. has created the humans unemployment bomb with millions of graduates failing to find jobs to start paying off their college debts and those lucky enough to find work are massively overqualified for their positions. reports. the international children's fund has worked for almost a century help the less fortunate for another nation now we want to tell you about a problem a little closer to home. for only fifteen thousand and he said today you'll get
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everything needs to survive the idea of a doctor grad may be a joke but modern day post college survival is most certainly not have seventy six thousand dollars haunted by tuition debt larry's one of america's college degree owners facing a job market that has long ago thrown out the welcome mat young people have twice the unemployment rate of most americans college grads are stepping out into the world in the worst time to try to land a job with around two million of them unemployed forcing many to forget about their skills and agree to any job are now for over three hundred thousand waiters and over eighteen thousand parking lot attendants working in the u.s. are said to have a college degree moreover the u.s. bureau of labor statistics suggests as many as seventeen million. americans with college degrees are forced to work jobs requiring less skills than
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a bachelor's degree provides raising an entire generation of janitors with ph d.'s as we have an ever higher percentage of kids in college and ever higher percentage of kids graduating at the same time as ever more companies are hiring fewer people so what better time to question whether education really is the best investment fed with america's traditional promise of a dream life after college what students aren't told however is that the cash and time they are investing is going to come back to bite them. at twenty two charles with a bachelor's in film and a dream of directing is already getting ready to settle for less you do wonder is college. because of this because of the economy or he's looking for any of the lable jobs to pay off his student loan debt but has not been able to find any paid work. sixty five seventy thousand college. tuition bills.
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apart from weaving a dream career goodbye another big trend according to analysts debt driving much more than career choice if you want to help poor children as a physician good luck with your four hundred thousand dollars and other words people's college and university debt is beginning to pick their careers who they marry where they live with the economy in other countries pumping in full mode job hunting overseas is becoming a lot more attractive than in the u.s. a lot of my friends are considering jobs outside of the u.s. . they're considering i don't and try to sri with fifty thousand dollars of college debt says debt walks hand in hand with american culture take it or leave it but it's the cost of living the american life it's educational it's. dead taking out loans how is it is the car isn't safe so you just live for. one day to another
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the u.s. wants to hold top position as world leader in the number of college graduates at the same time not enough jobs are being created and dead piles up forcing millions of americans to settle for less than what they dreamed of when coveting that higher education and. well the stories we're covering for you are available right now at our dot com let me read you through a selection of what else is there discover why a twenty million dollar fleet of yachts belonging to south russian tycoon buddies a bit of soft skin has been seized in france. and a spy in the sky former russian agent out of chapman's turning her attention to the cosmic catwalk of plans to add some glamour to the contrary space industry the details are at our team dot com.
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at least thirty people have been killed and forty more injured in a suicide attack in northern afghanistan the bomber targeted people queuing outside a government building and it's the latest in a string of incidents that have claimed civilian lives in the war torn country local officials have placed some blame on joint nato afghan forces they claim sixty four civilians were killed and coalition led operations in the north eastern province native says the dead were armed insurgents but says it will investigate afghan m.p. . says such incidents are only increasingly the taliban's increasing the taliban's credibility among the locals. it's an ugly or nor an no one wins but the insurgency thrives on mistakes of the government and of the international community in civilian casualties a perfect mistake for them to thrive on and to to seize upon in
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a news public opinion in their own favor and also government inefficiency and government problems add to that so this is something that the international community and i get in the government has to cope up but then learn and also try to isolate the population from insurgency. and later this hour our team here is from peace and conflict expert. who says u.s. operations in afghanistan are doomed to fail and the consequences of u.s. actions abroad will reverberate affecting washington's wider global role. well that's going to happen two of these side the porsche it might be with his side of the axis. beijing. russia. increasing irrelevance so.
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some would even come to the conclusion that enough is. that conclusion may not be drawn public. but that would be kind. of the faith of the usa but is this i don't doubt side the implications it is this i don't see inside. the u.s. congress is currently debating defense budget slashes but some republicans want to go a step further suggesting a halt to all foreign aid as well the idea has been slammed by the council on foreign relations a think tank that says the money helps poor countries stand on their own now as our military contributor explains in reality the cast brings very different consequences. so if our experts came out be very l.a. times trying to save the state department and id budgets from the incoming relation burn attack by rand paul and other republicans the main case in favor of
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saving or even marginally increasing the us state department and budget is based on a false premise that id which officially stands for american international development allegedly does develop their client states and consequently promotes pax americana all over the world oh i'm a shoestring budget in reality it's why the opposite because for the recipient countries i do stands for american international dependence not developing consider egypt for example the us id have invested one point five billion dollars in promoting self-sufficiency and independence of egypt agricultural sector but. egypt dependence on imported off you as grave as big as it's ever been and that's
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why i strongly and sincerely support senator rand paul initiative to completely abolish your idea of outreach as a counterproductive and totally unaffected reach in the way spreads anti-american feelings and resentment toward state department keep parker see all over the world . now for a look at some other stories dominating world news this monday high court by house confirmed the death penalty for the only surviving gunman of the two thousand and eight attacks on the city mohammad saabs appeal was rejected as the judge convicted him of waging war against india murder murder and conspiracy route one hundred seventy people were killed when ten pakistani gunmen attacked two luxury hotels in mumbai because still has the right to go to the supreme court. like. a stone here is in mourning after eight children and two adults were killed in an
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orphanage plage in the coastal town of hop follow most of the victims were disabled and could not escape when the wooden building caught fire by the time the rescue crews arrived the orphanage wasn't golf in flames it was completely destroyed investigators are working to establish the cause of the blaze. hundred seven pilot whales have died off the tip of news even south island after becoming stranded the whales were discovered by hikers on a remote beach on sunday a team from new zealand conservation department flew to the site but found about half of the group had already died last month twenty four pilot whales were lost in a similar incident on new zealand north island. now they may be man's best friend but for some people dogs are also a lifeline to the world in the eyes of one man's guide dog started to falter the own. no cost to keep a good friend on the road or further found out the government's not so quick to
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stump up the cash to try more of these vital animals. when alexei shiloh's began leading him astray he realized that rather than a visual aid this might be more of a case of the blind leading the blind to the vets confirmed his worst suspicions. we find cataracts on the dogs eyes and how to take urgent measures. but as they say a dog is for life and despite the large cost of the operation next i was determined to find. i don't like to think about how much it cost me i took extra work and saved my pension for surgery and it was worth. it. we had to stop the inflammation and then remove the islands from the dog's really damaged i the surgery was successful and the dogs now able to see again. in a country with a very quarter of a million blind and visually impaired the number of guide dogs a very little is way feeling inadequate training center in the outskirts of one of
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only relatively few and the only one that's government funded there are eighty dogs being chained here in the center at the moment now the training of the dogs typically start somewhere between ten months and two years old and many of the puppies are bred in the third of the schools in a catch twenty two situation where we see further government funding to increase the numbers trained until demand is higher but the demand remains low for many simply can't afford the expense of keeping a pet and in a country struggling to adequately provide for the blind. valuable as alexa. just like a member of the family is always in the same room as me. they say that dog is a man's best friend but of course if you're blind a guide dog is so much more than just companionship it's a chance to maybe life is so to really get your life back and it's why so little
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guys like this a trained up surf city. well that wraps up our main news block here in our cheek arena joins us with the latest business news hello you so i can rename is it true that the ongoing dispute between shareholders and nickel could be coming to a close well it looks like it any analysts say it's all about prices now we'll bring you the details in a few minutes but first to other stories. hello welcome to business yandex is planning to place an initial public offering worth up to one billion dollars this summer russia's leading internet search engine has hired a bank morgan stanley as the underwriters for the i.p.o. and plans to trade on the nasdaq stock exchange the search engines offering could become one of the largest companies in two thousand and eleven and mail dot ru nine hundred twelve million dollars i.p.o. last november yandex which will be landed in the top fifteen most innovative
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companies previously plan to issue shares back in two thousand and eight but halted its plans to tour the crisis. that a book of project europe sounds so to russia's back north and south stream gas pipeline project has doubled in cost after a recent revaluation the proposed three thousand two hundred kilometer pipeline which the e.u. hopes will help reduce dependency on russia by transporting gas from b.p.'s new twenty billion dollar project in the caspian sea was initially set supposed to cost nine a half billion dollars but a recent assessment by people by b.p. has cost at nineteen billion dollars many analysts question the project viability as a majority of the gas fields intended to supply the pipeline are yet to be developed . the ongoing dispute between shareholders in north be coming to a close after the company made a renewed offer to buy about twenty percent of its shares from one of its owners. says the middle of last year to ignore a majority of stock holders the c.e.o.
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of. pasta and the head of. have been vying for control of the nico producer but with both billionaires having twenty five percent blocking stakes and refusing to yield to one another any further development of the company is being blocked chris we for at all see it believes however that the outstanding issue in ending the route is now just a matter of so. it does appear were no entering the the end stages of this long running dispute we note that some key minority shareholders and russo are pressing. the board to accept this deal and even the controlling shareholder himself has no acknowledged they're likely to say it's no question of price hiking so we certainly see that we are you know more likely to get a deal over the next few weeks or maybe more you can take the next few months but at least the principle to it's we're now talking about the price of the exit rather
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than the principle of the exit of things that's not been established. as look at the market that the sea of red in europe puts the slump point three percent in midday trading with banks among the top losers shares of barclays dropped one point seven percent and those of world bank of scotland group two point seven percent investors are not making any big moves nervous about tensions spreading across the middle east and north africa and russia the equity markets are posting gains on monday oil continues to rise due to the political upheavals in the middle east and this is helping push energy shares a little higher in this is high is lack of news from the u.s. i think american markets are closed on monday for presidents' day and taking a look now at some of the end of. jewel share moves with brant crude for april deliveries trading just under one hundred five dollars a barrel this is providing some support for the energy majors gas problem is leading the pack up over one percent or so is trading over two percent higher on
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the r.t.s. and rushes to top forms. are also making headway up around one percent. russia's state owned diamond mine also is planning to increase production by fifteen percent in the next seven years the company which may hold an initial public offering this year plans to produce an average of thirty six point eight million carats of diamond annually and aims to generate thirty five billion dollars from carbon sales by two thousand and eighteen. years is expected to win back the title of the world's largest diamond producer in terms in two thousand and eleven as it triggers production of some thirty eight million. that's all for now to back with more in about fifteen minutes from now so join me that.
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at four thirty pm mosque out time these are the headlines on our middle east on fire protesters in libya burning government buildings amidst reports the country's leader asking why experts and politicians blame western involvement stoking the violent unrest in the region. writing wrong jews want compensation for what they lost during world war two and claim their governments turning a blind eye to the crimes of the nazis were considered a liberating force in official history. and the u.s. is facing an increasing population of overqualified janitors as the struggling
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economy fails to buy a college graduate. some experts believe that the u.s. bogged down in wars and pressed by emerging powers will have to rethink its role in world affairs but in a region sociologist goes one step further by predicting the fall of the us empire in the near future his interview is next. archie sitting down with professor johan galtung an internationally recognized founder of peace studies and author of more than one hundred fifty books his most recent book is titled the fall of the u.s. empire and then what. professor galton thank you very much for sitting down with r.t. today my pleasure in two thousand you had predicted in forecasts that that the united states would.


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